Locations and maps

The location information you need to find the start, finish and campsite and to get your boat in the water!

The start – Millwall slipway

Postcode: E14 3QS
What 3 Words: Slipway – fried.unique.hatch
Westferry printworks carpark – homes.galaxy.odds

The finish at Ham, Richmond

Postcode: TW10 7RS
What 3 Words: Main site – snake.safely.puff   
                                Car & Trailer park – pass.onions.spike
                                Crane – pokers.wished.blues

South dock crane

Postcode: SE16 7SZ
What 3 Words: sofa.nests.tester
Contact:  0207 252 2244    southdockmarina@southwark.gov.uk


Postcode: TW9 1NN
Thames Young Mariners Camp Site , Retreat Road, Richmond
What 3 Words: spins.visits.shock

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