Boat types

Many boats will be of a type that have been entered in the race in previous years. A list of the main types of boat in previous races can be found below. If your boat is one of these types, please use the Type Name as written in this list. If your type of boat is not on the list, please give it a type-name you consider appropriate.

Celtic LongboatShallop
Cornish Pilot Gig (wood)Skerry
Cornish Pilot Gig (GRP)Skiff – Clayton
DorySkiff – Rosalind
Gig – BurlsdenSkiff – Thames
Gig – DrascombeSkiff – Thames Triple
Gig – Hanningfield HybridSkiff – St Ayles
Gig – Harker’s YardSkiff – Salter
Gig – Home CountiesSloop – Kuiken
Gig – NorfolkSloop – Spiegel
Gig – Pangbourne BigSolent Galley
Hawaiian OutriggerRiver Teign Seine Boat
Jolly BoatRiver Teign Rowboat 20’
LifeboatThames Waterman Cutter
Pembrokeshire LongboatWhaler

NB  If your boat has not taken part in the Great River Race since 2009 you might be asked to complete a Measurement Form. 

It is important that we have this information about your boat to accurately calculate its handicap for the race.