Craneage Form (Ham)

If it’s not practical for you to launch your boat yourself at Millwall or Ham, there is the option of having your boat craned in at Ham on the day before the race. Your boat will then be in position to be rafted up for the overnight tow to the start at Millwall. Your towing vehicle and trailer can then be left in the nearby car park at Ham. The car park is available until Sunday evening and closes each night at 8pm. There is security on site. Get a parking permit.

Craning takes place between 11am and 5pm so be there in plenty of time, with a boat trolley if required, to prepare your boat for craning. You will find the crane at this What3words location: pokers.wished.blues

You can also book to have your boat craned out at the finish after the race on Saturday. It costs £25 for each crane session. When we receive your craneage request we will email you a Craneage Card which should be printed off A4 size, laminated or waterproofed in some way and attached to the seat of your boat. You will receive a Paypal invoice for the service.